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Assessment & intervention for children with neurodevelopment issues & autism spectrum
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Hayley Norrie is a HPC registered Occupational Therapist and is the founder and director of SenseAbility, located in Cape Town. She has a masters degree in Education in Autism (Birmingham University,

SenseAbility aims to maximise the potential of each child through an individualised and family centred approach. We value parent education, holistic treatment based on clinical research, multi-disciplinary working and having fun to promote the development of each unique child.

At SenseAbility each child receives a comprehensive assessment to identify their strengths & difficulties so that a treatment plan can be devised in collaboration with the family's priorities. SenseAbility offers a holistic therapy approach that incorporates a broad range of techniques and therapy which is continually adapted to meet your child's needs. Therapists have international experience and training. SenseAbility is unique in being able to combine the philosophies of Occupational Therapy and Education, promoting all areas of development including functional self-help skills, play and learning. Early intervention is essential for the best outcome of each child.




UK), is a Sensory Integration certified therapist & a certified ADOS administrator. Hayley has worked with children with a wide range of difficulties & disabilities. She also had the privilege of working in a specialist referral team in London where she developed her expertise & passion for working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other neuro-developmental difficulties. She is trained in a number of approaches including TEACCH, DIR / Floortime, PECS, Social Stories and CO-OP, allowing her to provide a holistic treatment approach for children with special needs. Hayley is dedicated to working together with other professionals to get the best outcome for each child and aims to empower those caring for the child on a daily basis.