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Assessment & intervention for children with neurodevelopment issues & autism spectrum
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The assessment process at SenseAbility is comprehensive and all intervention approaches are based on clinical research. A family centred model means that family goals and priorities are central to planning and treatment. Parent education is a key element to your child's individualised treatment programme. All assessment and treatments administered will depend on your child's needs and be individualised to meet your priorities and resources.


Early identification is important to increase the chance of successful treatment and to achieve the best possible outcome for your child. All assessments will consider the child as a whole and as a member of your family unit.


Standardised assessments - these will vary according to the child's age, developmental level and the purpose of the assessment

Parent interview - including report measures and a comprehensive developmental history as well as current level of function.

Clinical observations in a more natural setting for example while playing.

A home, nursery or school visit may be arranged to observe behaviours and skills in different environments

Liaison with other professionals involved in your child's care (only with parental permission)

A 1 hour feedback and planning session.

A draft report of assessment findings will be sent to the parents prior to the feedback. If treatment is to be carried out, goals for treatment will also be set in this session.  

A FEEDING ASSESSMENT at SenseAbility will include:

Direct assessment and/or parental interview across all areas of development as this relates to feeding

Assessment of sensory processing

Observations of a mealtime with both familiar and unfamiliar foods within the clinic environment

A home visit can be arranged to observe mealtimes in a more natural environment

A 1 hour feedback and planning session.

A draft report of assessment findings will be sent to the parents prior to the feedback. If treatment is to be carried out, goals for treatment will also be set in this session.


The key aims of treatment at SenseAbility are self-regulation, social participation and building self-esteem so that children can engage to their best ability in everyday activities.


Family's priorities determine the focus of therapy. Parents are encouraged to participate in therapy sessions so that you can feel confident in implementing strategies in your everyday lives when leaving the clinic.

Parents are educated about how sensations affect attention, emotions, motor abilities and learning so they can feel empowered to problem solve strategies in everyday life.

A top-down and bottom-up approach is used which allows for a good understanding of the underlying neurology but also considers the functional abilities of the child and how they are able to participate in everyday activities.

Therapy is goal directed and preferably intensive to achieve the desired outcomes rather than endlessly ongoing therapy that lacks purpose.

Play is the key component of therapy as this is the means by which children learn and develop. Having fun leads to active engagement and the promotion of skills and enhanced development.

A combination of approaches will be used so as to best meet your child's needs:

Sensory Integration therapy

DIR / Floortime                                            

TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication Handicapped children / adults)

PECS (Picture Exchange Communication Systems)

CO-OP (Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance)

Social Stories


         Direct treatment

          Home or school consultations

         Group intervention

         Feeding intervention




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We make every effort to ensure that fees charged are fair and reasonable. These will be discussed with you at your initial appointment and vary according to the services required.

Treatment is claimable through medical aid however we are not contracted to medical aid rates.